Free Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

A detailed restaurant cleaning checklist is essential in any foodservice business.

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

What You'll Get With This Restaurant Cleaning Checklist:

  • A printable restaurant cleaning checklist PDF
  • Separate checklists for front of house and back of house
  • A blank restaurant cleaning checklist that can be customed with additional tasks
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A detailed restaurant cleaning checklist is essential in any foodservice business.

In restaurants, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are essential in preventing cross-contamination of food and the spread of viruses. Additionally, a clean restaurant is essential to the customer experience, especially in the wake of the pandemic when consumers have become hyper-aware of proper hygiene. In fact, a study by Simon-Kucher & Partners found that guests will spend twice as much each month at restaurants that meet their cleanliness standards.

With so much emphasis on restaurant cleanliness and hygiene, it’s essential to use a detailed restaurant cleaning checklist in your venue. A cleaning checklist can help your staff keep track of what needs to be cleaned or sanitized, and how often that needs to happen.

So to help you keep track, we’ve created a ready-to-print restaurant cleaning checklist PDF. This restaurant cleaning schedule checklist includes a daily restaurant cleaning checklist, a weekly restaurant cleaning checklist, and a monthly restaurant cleaning checklist so you can track your cleaning duties over time.

The checklists are also separated into two different sections – front of house and back of house – so you can tackle each individual area. The front of house cleaning checklist is designed to help staff clean some of the most visible parts of your restaurant, such as the dining room, bathrooms, and host stand. On the other hand, the commercial kitchen cleaning checklist is designed to help back of house staff tackle the cleaning of prep areas, cooking stations, and the dish pit.

And because no two restaurants are alike, we’ve also included a blank restaurant cleaning checklist sample as well, so you can add additional cleaning duties that may not be on the list.

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