Coolest iPad Stands for your Restaurant POS

By Jackie Prange

iPad on a small easel

Looking to find the perfect stand for your iPad POS? Look no further! This list features a mix of unique, modern and most importantly, functional iPad stands that can help enhance your POS experience.


To show off your venue’s unique side, check out these one-of-a-kind iPad stands:

Bamboo iPad Stand

bamboo stand propping iPad at an angle

Simple Wooden iPad Stand

simple minimalistic wooden tablet stand

Yellow & Walnut iPad Stand

iPad slotted into a block-like base

Wooden iPad Holder 

molded wooden iPad stand that supports horizontal and vertical viewing

Shabby Chic Wood iPad Book Stand

iPad stand in the shape of a cutting board with a worn pickled finish


If you’re in the market for a more modern look, here are some stands that fit the bill.

iPad Stand Stabile 2.0 Tablet Holder

molded metal frame supporting iPad above a surface

Flote Orbit Adjustable Stand for iPad

adjustable metal post holding iPad at an angle

Versa Mount for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

adjustable metal iPad stand holding a black iPad

Bounce Pad Flip

image of bounce pad ipad case – white ipad case with triangular base propping up device
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by Jackie Prange

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