Restaurant Payment Integrations

Accept cash, credit card, debit card, and digital wallet payments at your restaurant with trusted external payment processors that integrate seamlessly with TouchBistro POS.

A customer tapping their phone to use as payment on a payment terminal.
Cashier holding out the payment terminal for the customer who is inserting their card.
  • Fewer Surprises with Transparent Pricing

    Operating a restaurant is full of surprises, but your payment processing fees shouldn’t be. Our payment partners offer transparent pricing.

  • Accept Every Payment Type

    Prepare to say “yes” when diners ask if you accept cash, credit, debit, contactless, or digital wallet payments through Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

  • Keep Your Restaurant Moving with Offline Payments

    Just because your Internet stops working doesn’t mean your business should stop too. Offline mode lets you take payments without an Internet connection.

  • Reduce Errors with POS Integration

    Our payment partners integrate seamlessly with TouchBistro’s POS, so you’ll never have to manually enter another check amount again. Say goodbye to costly double entry errors!

A customer handing their card to a female cashier, who has a payment terminal in their other hand.

TouchBistro's Payment Integrations


It varies, as our payment partners will need to assess many factors before they give you a custom rate. This includes understanding your credit history, sales volume, and more.

It varies based on your chosen payment processor and bank.

You have flexibility to take payments on the patio, tableside, or even curbside. Since the device is connected to the POS, there is no range limitation!

Yes. All of our payment partners have an offline payments mode! This feature allows you to continue taking payments, storing the guest’s credit card information offline. Once your Internet is back up and running, the stored payments will process.

Our payment partners accept all major credit cards and debit cards, along with the ability to take swipe, dip, tap, and digital wallet payments from Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Please reach out to your payment processor. They will assist and guide you through these cases.

Payment Processing Insights

The TouchBistro Blog breaks down payment processing, making it simple to understand who’s involved, what technology to use, and how to negotiate the best rates.

Discover How TouchBistro Can Simplify Your Restaurant’s Payment Processing

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