Dallas Restaurant Trends 2022: Annual Industry Report

  • The top Dallas restaurant trends for 2022
  • Dozens of restaurant stats and key insights
  • First-hand stories from independent restaurant owners
  • Benchmarks for staffing, finances, and more
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No city has been spared the impact of the pandemic, but restaurants in Dallas have been particularly hard hit. In the wake of major supply chain disruptions and acute staffing shortages, operators are only just beginning to make sense of how much the industry has changed.

That’s where our 2022 Dallas State of Restaurants Report comes in. We surveyed and interviewed full service restaurant owners, CEOs, presidents, and general managers from across Dallas to uncover the top Dallas restaurant trends for 2022. We then compared this data to our findings in other U.S. cities to see how local-specific factors have impacted the Dallas market.

Inside our 2022 Dallas State of Restaurants Report, you’ll find:

  • Dozens of Dallas restaurant stats and key insights
  • First-hand stories from independent restaurant owners in Dallas
  • Benchmarks for staffing, finances, and more
  • Tools and strategies for restaurant recovery

Here you’ll find a preview of just some of the key stats and insights our Dallas restaurant report uncovered. To get more Dallas restaurants trends for 2022, download the entire Dallas State of Restaurants Report for free now.

Though restaurants in Dallas did not experience the kind of lengthy indoor dining room closures seen in places like New York City, operators were still forced to make many changes to the way they run their businesses. Now, we’re covering the top Dallas restaurant trends for 2022 to give operators the insight needed to set their businesses up for a successful recovery.

Online Ordering Optimization

While many restaurants across the U.S. were able to maintain their sales volume during the pandemic, 30% of restaurants in Dallas saw their sales decrease. This stands in stark contrast to cities like Los Angeles and New York City, where far fewer restaurateurs experienced a sales decrease.

Part of the reason for the decrease may be due to the fact that few Dallas restaurants were set up for online ordering prior to the pandemic. As our Dallas research report uncovered, nearly half (48%) of restaurants in Dallas only began using online ordering platforms after the start of the pandemic.

Now that more restaurants in Dallas are using online ordering, 2022 is the perfect time to optimize this valuable sales channel. Many consumers are not yet comfortable eating indoors and online ordering channels offer a way to maximize revenue from those who still prefer takeout and delivery.

Revamped Restaurant Culture

Though the restaurant industry has struggled with staffing shortages for years, the pandemic pushed this phenomenon into overdrive. In Dallas, the labor shortage is more pronounced for front of house staff positions such as servers, hosts, and managers. 

But while restaurants in Dallas may have trouble recruiting new staff, they’re doing a better job at convincing current staff to stick around than their counterparts in cities like Los Angeles and New York City. In fact, Dallas restaurant operators reported an average staff turnover rate of 18%, which is below the national average of 23%.

Part of the reason for the relatively low employee turnover rate may be due to the fact that operators seem to be prioritizing company culture. In fact, 44% of restaurants in Dallas say that their company culture keeps their restaurant competitive when it comes to hiring and maintaining staff. This focus on improving company culture and making the hospitality industry a more attractive career option is something that will be an ongoing topic of conversation in 2022.

Doubling Down on Loyalty

While our Dallas restaurant report found that Dallas restaurateurs were a bit slower to adopt online ordering, this Texas city was way ahead of the game when it comes to loyalty programs. One of the most striking Dallas restaurant stats is that 77% of venues currently offer a loyalty program and 60% of those have had their programs in place for 3-4 years – well before the pandemic began. 

While Dallas restaurants have done a good job implementing reward programs, more than a third (36%) of these programs still involve older tools like physical loyalty cards. As a result, one of the top Dallas restaurant trends will be the modernization of these longstanding loyalty programs and a renewed effort to market to loyal customers.

The above covers just a snippet of the top Dallas restaurant trends for 2022. Craving more Dallas restaurant stats on menus, reservations, and more? Download the complete 2022 Dallas State of Restaurants Report and get dozens of actionable insights.

Interested in seeing how Dallas restaurants compare to their peers across the U.S.? Download the complete 2022 State of Restaurants Report.

Restaurant Industry Trends 2022: The State of Restaurants Report
2022 State of Restaurants Report

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This study was conducted by Maru/Blue research firm on behalf of TouchBistro.

The results come from surveying over 500 full service restaurant owners, managers, and presidents/CEOs from across the U.S. Included in this number was an increased focus on three major cities: New York City, Los Angeles, and Dallas. The research was conducted in November 2021.

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